What people really want from a property

If you’re thinking of selling your home, a recent survey has revealed some of the most sought-after aspects that would-be buyers look for when choosing the perfect property.


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Energy efficiency

It’s clear from the survey that homebuyers rate energy efficiency very highly. This means that if your home has a reliable central heating system with a new boiler, and you’ve got double glazing and cavity wall insulation, your property is well on the way to ticking all the right boxes for potential buyers.


Homebuyers want to feel secure in their new property, so it’s little wonder that security features, including secure doors and windows, topped the poll of must-haves.

Double glazing is a great way to ensure that your home remains warm during the colder months and also adds an extra security element. You can ensure that all of your windows and your extensions are secure by contacting a Conservatories Gloucester company such as https://www.firmfix.co.uk/conservatories/. As well as insulating your home and increasing its energy efficiency, double glazing makes windows and doors more secure.

Home improvements

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Another big factor that rides high on many homebuyers’ wish lists is technology. People seek properties that have ample electric sockets, so they can plug in all their gadgets, but having fast broadband is also proving a highly-sought after requirement. According to the Telegraph, given the growing number of home workers, and the increasing volume of entertainment delivered online, good broadband will become increasingly important to property buyers.

Having a decent-sized living room is also a prerequisite for many homebuyers, so they have enough space to house their supersized flat screen TV and entertainment systems. Even in this day and age of mobile communications, homebuyers still demand a landline telephone in their dream property, although having a good mobile signal is also important.

Other factors

Unsurprisingly, property owners favour those dwellings that have a garden, garage and a driveway or dedicated parking space. They also appreciate having local shops and amenities nearby, friendly neighbours, more than one toilet, a bath and a shower cubicle.

Interestingly, having a conservatory is no longer a vital requirement for would-be house buyers. In the survey, this didn’t even make the top 20 must-haves. Similarly, while having good schools nearby has been a big ranking factor in the past, this no longer appears to be so significant. Period features are also out, as homebuyers increasingly seek practical attributes over aesthetics.

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